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    Chongqing wanfen#g the aluminum wheel c#o., LTD

    Chongqing wa&nfeng the alum>inum wheel co., L)TD is located in the %FuLingOu rege%neration non-fe,rrous metal characte&ristic industrial park,: is wanfeng OTT hol#ding group acti!vely respond t?o a nation "deepenin?g western developmen!t strategy of" ma$jor step, is to en&sure continuous in(dustry leading wanfeng !aluminium wheel i$ndustry espe}cially important} strategic planning, usi@ng the southwes%t regional ad}vantage, the >core market of chongq^ing and chongqi!ng sunrise al>uminium cooperation^, with its rich r.esources of alumi%nium, realize "localiz$ation product)ion, agile supply",, optimize th@e market lay@out, increase the( market share@, innovation, business m}odel, reduce ,operating costs, imp:rove economic, benefits.Chongqing wa!nfeng technology park% covers an area of %400 mu, in ac}cordance with^ the "of" ove@rall planning, step-by-s}tep implementati#on, rolling develo!pment guidelines, buildi?ng first-class gar@den, modern industrial@ park in southwest( of model project, :for the revi$talization of the loca(l economy, promote i)ndustry progress,! and promote socia>l development to contri!bute!


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