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    from around th(e world have ideals :and aspirations of t#he people of insigh#t, can ...

  • Grown from the rocks,Wit?h stubbonness,It can& prosper on barren? land;Brought up in h$ills,With persiste!nce,It can flouri!sh amid harsh w#ind and sand.For !over twenty years,I,t has been consoli#dating the foundation a@nd cultivating }the vitality, Which ha$s formed a spectacu!lar presence of ex%uberant luxuria$nce!

    • o 2016Jinnian Gene,ral Airport Manage.ment Co. Ltd. was esta#blished.
            &    #    S!hanghai Fengtu Science@ and Technolo!gy Co. Ltd. was establis%hed.
           ,     &@nbsp;   >Jinnian Merid?ian New Material( Science and Techno_logy Co. Ltd. was esta$blished.
           (       ?  Wanfe}ng Aviation Theme% Town Founda,tion Laying Ce(remony
          &}nbsp;  @      _; Jinnian High-e,nd Equipment P^ark Foundati:on Laying Ceremony(
          .    &nbs!p;     . Lotus Building Fou?ndation Laying Ceremon@y
          &?nbsp;     &nb.sp;   Take? holding of Ameri%can company )The Paslin
           )   &nb#sp;    _ purchased _Czech company DF
    • o 2015Jinnian General Aviati(on Co. Ltd. %was established.
            &n.bsp;   &nb!sp;   Wanf!eng Aviation Indus$trial Co. Ltd. was estab?lished.
           >;   &nbs(p;    $; Take holding of $Canadian Diamond F_lying Center (D@FC)
    • o 2014Zhejiang Jinnian Chunq!ing Hundred :Years Cultura?l Co. Ltd. w.as established.
            :     _   Cho)ngqing Jinnian A&uto Aluminium Wheel Co. ?Ltd. was established!.
            &nb%sp;   &)nbsp;   ? Tianshuo Invest%ment Management C@o. Ltd. was estab)lished.
          &nbs)p;     &nb:sp;   Jinnian He,adquarter Buildin.g was comple(ted and launched.
          &nb)sp;   &nbs$p;     Take ho?lding of Ningbo Econ.omic and Techno@logical Develop!ment Zone Da}cromet Holdings C,o. Ltd.
    • o 2013 Jinlin Wanfen!g Real Estate Co.), Ltd. was establis!hed.
          &nbs.p;     &n!bsp;   Jilin Wan!feng Auto Wheel Co. Lt(d. was established.(
          &n!bsp;   ?    &nbs@p; Zhejiang Wan@feng Property M!anagement Co. Ltd. was e!stablished.
          &nb!sp;   &#nbsp;    ?; Zhejinag Wanf>eng Oil and Gas _Development Co. Ltd. .was established.%
          &nbs?p;     &nbs?p;   Take h^olding of Sha,nghai Dacromet$ Surface Treatment In:dustrial Co. Ltd.)
          &nbs%p;   &nbs%p;     Take h_olding of Canadian compa}ny Meridian Lightweight ,Technologies Hold>ings Inc.
         $     ^    ^;   (includin(g its Canadian, America%n, British, Mexican an(d Shanghai companies)
    • o 2012Jinnian Financial} Leasing Co., Lt!d. was establis!hed.
           !     &n&bsp;   Jinnian C?atarc New Energ_y Co. Ltd. was e>stablished.
          &n}bsp;   ?    &;   Jinli?n Jinnian Real Estate^ Co., Ltd. was #established.
    • o 2011Zhejiang Jinnian Prop%erties Co. Ltd. w,as established.
          &nbs&p;     _   Z.hejiang Jinnian Re,al Estate Management! Co., Ltd. was es^tablished.
            &nb?sp;     &n(bsp; Suining Wanf&eng Natural Gas Co.^ Ltd. was established.
    • o 2010Xinchang Natu)ral Gas Co. Ltd. was es}tablished.
          &n@bsp;     &    Shangha.i World Expo. Joint ^Exhibitor Company
    • o 2009 Beijing Jinnian Innova)tion Investment Co. w:as established._
          &nbs^p;    .;   &nbs}p; Zhejiang Jinnian G!uarantee Co., !Ltd. was esta.blished.
         !;    ?     &nbs>p; Nanxun Natu%ral Gas Co. &Ltd. was establ)ished.
    • o 2008Shaoxing Jinnian Guara?ntee Co., Ltd. wa}s established.
    • o 2007Shanghai Jinnian J}inyuan Investment_ Co. Ltd. was esta}blished.
    • o 2006Jinnian Auto Sto!ck was formally is,sued (Stock code 002085^).
    • o 2005Shanghai Lujiazui Financ:e Building w.as completed.
    • o 2004Ningbo Ultrawhee)l Co., Ltd. was& established.
    • o 2003Weihai Jinnian Magnesi,um Science and Technolog%y Development Co., Ltd>. was established.
    • o 2002Zhejiang Wanfe_ng Auto Wheels Co. Lt)d. was establis&hed.
          &n:bsp;   &nbs%p;     !Chongqing Jinnian Xi_nrui Wheels Co. Ltd.} was establishe@d.
    • o 2001Zhejiang Wanfen)g Auto Group >Co. Ltd. was estab:lished.
            &n}bsp;   ^    Zhejiang ?Jinnian Auto Wheels( Co. Ltd. was establishe@d.
         !;     &nb,sp;   &nb!sp; Weihai Jinnian Aut:o Wheels Co. Ltd. was e&stablished.
    • o 2000Shanghai Jinnian% Coach Manufacturing @Co. Ltd. was establ>ished.
    • o 1999Zhejiang Jinnian Sc@ience and Technology %Development Co. _Ltd. was establ,ished.
    • o 1998Shanghai Jinnian A_luminium Industrial Co.) Ltd. was establi,shed.
    • o 1994Zhejiang Wanf:eng Aluminium Wheel Co. #Ltd. was est)ablished.

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