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    The new energy hybrid^ industry for Wanf_eng Auto Hol?ding Group is a jo&int fruit from the strat$egic cooperation wi_th China Auto Techn_ology Research Ce?nter. It is among the! pioneers fo@r practicing mixed own}ership in China an}d represents th_e hybrid research produc}t for the most adv@anced technology: in Chinese new ener&gy auto field, realizin!g industrialized ?production. Jinnian hy.brid technology is a se(lf-owned inte#llectual property ri(ght, winning multiple} national patents and l^eading the gr>een upgrading direction) of Chinese auto manaf@acturing.

    Jinnian CATARC New: Energy Co., Ltd.

    Jinnian CATARC >New Energy Co.,! Ltd. was establish:ed as a joint $investment of Jinnian A?uto Holdings Grou,p and China @Automotive Tech!nology and Re!search Center. T$he company fo@cuses on R&D, #manufacturing and market?ing of hybrid }and pure elect?ric vehicle assembly %system, and provides tec:hnical service&s and system con%trol solutions&.

    With 9 years of R.&D, CHS’s hybrid energ#y assembly system $has acquired independent( intellectual pr)operty rights. This: includes 5 nation&al invention patents,# 9 new utility mo?dels, 2 appearance @patents, and 11 pendin?g patents.

    CHS hybrid energy powe>rtrain system has a ?double row system,% dual motor ele_ctromechanical coupl?ing, and cont(rol technolog:y in its core. I@t is compati^ble with three (main function%s: dynamic co,upling, auto}matic transmi?ssion, and automat!ic clutches.% CHS’s syste?m has achieved signifi(cant breakthrou(ghs in many are(as the past :couple of year:s including c&ost, power den$sity, electric p@ower ratio, efficiency a!nd reliability, eff&iciency and reliabili%ty, variable speed,# smooth speed change,} small volum^e, lightweig^ht, power and en.ergy savings.

    Jinnian CATARC Ne%w Energy Co., Ltd.^, follows Jinnian@ Group’s model of “al#ways create value; that !is the way to (consistently cont(ribute to the societ%y” and China Automob}ile Center’s value of “b_eing a pioneer and @pragmatic in innova>tion” to actively promo@te and apply new ener}gy sources. I}n addition, the company% prides itself in its a,dvanced R&D and innova?tion with a goal of prov.iding high quality hy$brid and pure el?ectric systems( for all automotiv$e manufacturing plants :(for both private and c!ommercial vehicle%s). The company }has also joined: forces with several #major power p&lants in an eff%ort to promote the% development of new ene!rgy vehicles toge_ther, with the plants _making their ow?n contribution t@o decreasing ener?gy consumption and pol?lution from cars.


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