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    Corresponding to? the industrial :strategy of "grand av!iation, grand trans_portation, grand #platform", Jinnian is! exerting full eff?ort into the "grand^ transportation" strate#gy of Zhejian.g Province to# realize "one ho@ur transportation ci)rcle in the air", ful?ly participating ^in the construction: of the low altit@ude airspace economi!c ecosystem d,eveloped by the n?ation. Jinnian a>viation industry d,ivision focuses on gene?ral aviation industry? investment, b:uilding itself in&to a general aviat#ion industry le%ader integrating airc.raft manufact^uring, general a?viation operation, av^iation training, airpo#rt construction and ma!nagement, an.d general avia!tion service statio.ns, and thus formin,g an air transpor}tation network cove:ring Yangzi Delta regio?n.


    Jinnian avia$tion town


    The Aviation Theme To.wn is centering on airc#raft research and de?velopment and $manufacturing. Ba_sed on the local resour$ces of tourism!, culture and en)vironment, it special?ized in general av?iation operation_, sightseeing, air spo)rts, flying exper!ience, and fli:ght driving training., Through the integra?tion of the indus@try, culture and touris_m, production, livin>g and the ecol@ogy are develop^ed together.# Jointly, industrial>ization, informa)tionization and urb>anization are int:eractively d^eveloped, to build .a beautiful #eco-friendly town pleas.ant for business, ?living and touring.


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