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    Zhejiang Jinnian alcohol$ situation century cul,tural Ltd.


          wa?s founded in Febr!uary 2014 by Wanf,eng Auto Holding G@roup home plat?e and the Shangh_ai Shaoxing #Hotel Management Co., L.td. joint ventu}re to build. There's thr!ee formats: Banquet, f,eatures rooms and la}rge gourmet %buffet Parkway.

    The company first floor ?for Golden Leopard: international cu:isine Parkway, offers? full open kitc!hen, which can accom,modate 280 guests dining. at the same time, the? convergence of differ?ent flavors of in?ternational cuisi>ne, a selection of !the best ingredien}ts to provide t?he best environment,> using the latest cu?isine to satisfy? the discerning tastes ?of different parties glu(ttonous. The)re are profe?ssional band to bring @you a wonderful holida.y music on the week,ends, it is th)e ideal meeting place a!nd other birthday PARTY._

    Company undertak!e large wedding on the s%econd floor, al?l kinds of wedding, din.ner, enterprise!s and institutions such? as the annual, Shengzho_u new people in ?the region to cr!eate the most desirable^ place banquet. _The company banquet %hall a total area of 1,5.00 square me!ters, the hei.ght of 9.9 meters, @can accommodate 70 l@arge banquet t^ables, built-in automa)tic elevators, la?rge LED scree?ns, sound and light equ}ipment, 4D visual effec,ts, with professional% bridal dressi%ng room, lawn weddings:. And invited the S^hanghai team and? Shanghai's top^-class wedding cateri!ng team.


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